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● Want to find the best factories with the best prices?

● Want to ascertain if your current factories are the best with the most competitive prices?

One of ShinyHub's experienced sourcing managers will recommend the appropriate factories for you, assisted by our specially designed bidding system and data analysis, for as low as $199.

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The major benefits from utilizing ShinyHub's WeSource Service:

  More than 95% of your sourcing cost be saved from not requiring your own sourcing team.

  Better factories with better prices, better quality, better lead time and better service. Therefore, better chance of beating your competitors.

  Increased efficiency, as you can and the best factories even through the ShinyHub APP on your cell phone.

Your order - We control


● Inspect at the last minute OR control your production beforehand?

Nothing is more cost-effective than having your own merchandising manager in the factory controlling your order and updating all the details online, for as low as $599.

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The major benefits from utilizing ShinyHub's WeCtrl service:

  Up to 90% of your overhead cost be saved from not requiring your own team.

  Beating your competitors easily.

  The skill of your golf be improved tremendously as all the hard work goes to ShinyHub and you have more time to enjoy your life!

One-Stop Supply Chain Solutions

  • Buying Plan Consultancy

    We will help you formulate a Buying Plan with the expertise of a Shininghub consultancy manager.

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  • Design Consultancy

    We can provide you with a plethora of designs due to our collaboration program with designers.

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  • Sourcing Consultancy

    Customize a cost-effective sourcing solution and recommend 3 suitable factories tailored to your requirements.

  • Order Control Packages

    Key services to help control your production and monitor your order in a more scientific and standardized way.

    See package charge

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  • Quality Inspection

    Provide you with a Quality Inspection Report at any specific stage of production.

    $289Per Man-day

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  • Factory Evaluation

    We will provide you with the information needed to make an intelligent decision about placing a production order at a certain factory.

  • Payment Escrow

    Sleep well knowing that this service will help solve the payment and finance problems you may have with the factories.

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  • Supply Chain Finance

    Help improving your cash flow effectively through ShinyHub's strong finance facility with the banks.

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  • Logistics

    A one-stop solution to deliver your goods straight from the factory to your destination. Save money by using our discounted rates and consolidation abilities. Included are brokers to clear your merchandise.

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  • Travel Assistance

    Help you plan your trip to China in a more cost-effective and convenient way.

    $100 and up

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  • Trademark Registration

    Register your trademark to legally protect this valuable asset. This is the first step for selling your products in China either for now or for the future.

    $699Per category

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  • Online Retail

    A cost-effective service to help sell your products in the Chinese market. This service will allow emerging designers, new companies and established brands to offer their products to the largest consumer market in the world.

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A leading sourcing platform and independent

supply chain solutions provider specializing in apparel and textile trade

A leading independent O2O(Online to Offline) supply chain management company specializing in apparel and textile trade

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  • "I choose ShinyHub due to its expertise in the apparel and textile industry and its transparent services. I think the service is very good and I appreaciate your patience and efforts to reach the customer needs."

    Lucy   RainbowMax, Hongkong

    "ShinyHub has been wonderful! Their quality inspection services are thorough and well documented. They are flexible and will focus on any specific product issues you are having when they visit. I highly recommend ShinyHub to take your product control to the next level."

    Abby Scanlan   Graduationsource LLC

  • "Shinyhub is wonderful, it's a good company that helps me so much. Will ask Shinyhub do everything for me, watch production, logistic, inspection, etc."

    Mr.Max Maleh   CEO of Savante Apparel,USA

    "ShinyHub order control service has solved my big headache of controlling production in China. I'm very satisfied with this service and I will use ShinyHub order control service again and again."

    Mr. Albert Shyy and Ming Chang   CEO & Founder of AlbertMing, USA

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